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Hey There! Report Your Cash Here!
Use the form below

If you do not have a W2 and made domestic income during the tax year, we can report your cash wages for you. There are a few rules: you cannot have made over $1900 from one employer, you must not have been in control of the work that you've done and a few more rules.  Please read IRS Publication 926 for details.  

We DO NOT volunteer money amounts to report on your tax return, this is illegal. We can tell you, based on the history of taxpayers, the amounts reported for their maximum refund.


We assist in reporting domestic income (i.e. babysitting, errands, lawn work, cleaning, please refer to IRS Publication 926 for more details).  

Clients who have three children have reported $21,000 - $$23,000 for the maximum refund amounts. 

Clients who have two children have reported $16,000 - $19,000 for the maximum refund.

Clients who have one child have reported $10,000 - $12,000 for the maximum refund.


These examples are for reference only, based on the historical reporting amounts and refund amounts.

Click below to fill out the domestic cash income log:





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